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May. 22nd, 2017

Dick art

May. 22nd, 2017 10:45 am
mbranesf: (Default)
The other day, while hanging out with Kyler Fey (author the new series from M-Brane Press, he got out some markers and pens and, working on his kitchen prep table, drew these three weird drawings of my cock. He has done this before (and also wrote about drawing pictures of his own cock twice on Braden Vaieux's body during their full day of fucking recounted in One Hundred Times), and for some reason each time he renders mine, he insists on making it appear as if it is not circumcised, as if there is an intact sleeve of skin that wraps almost all the way over my shroom-head even when I am erect. He even described it as uncut in his foreword to One Hundred Times (I amended that with my own footnote). In fact, my dick is cut, but every time he draws it, he depicts it as if the glans barely emerges from under the foreskin when I have a hard-on. He explained to me that he just thinks that it "looks that way" to him. He admits that this in untrue, but he adheres to the notion that my particular circumcision was done in a "non-standard" or "incomplete" way, because I have more of my frenum skin than he does. The first and second renderings are supposed to views from the underside of my dick, and that barbell-shaped object under the shrouded head represents the frenum piercing that I do, in fact, have. The other is top view, andhe tell me that the cloud of squiggles in the upper part of the image is sperm.

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